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Why a Golf Course is a Great Corporate Event Venue

NOTE: Course is closed for play during renovations.  The Course will reopen in October/November 2021 with all new grasses and outstanding playing conditions.

So, you're in charge of corporate event planning for your company. These events can be stuffy, boring, and dreaded by employees.

We know you don't want that. When thinking of a corporate event venue for your next event, dare to choose something different. 

Why not have it at a golf course? Whether the event focuses on business or pleasure, they offer plenty of entertainment to keep your employees engaged.

To get you excited for your next big event, we've included more reasons below why a golf course makes a great event venue.

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7 Critical Steps to Developing a Winning Golf Strategy


There are over 15,000 golf courses in the United States, and according to the Denver Post just under 25 million people in the United States that play golf. If you're one of those 20 plus million golfers you've probably tried to improve your game at one point or another.

Maybe you've played for a long time and never had a golf strategy. You just gripped it and ripped it. Perhaps you're tired of losing and or losing money to your buddies and need to devise a plan to beat them? 

If you want to improve your game read on to find out how.

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Best Ways To Improve Your Golf Game While Your Stuck At Home

The spread of COVD-19 has left us all struggling to find the best ways of getting our regular exercise and moving towards a better golf game. The Spring is usually the time most of us start to get ready to create a better golf game for the Summer months and beyond. Our course is still open and you can book tee times, but we know many golfers won’t be able to play as much as they would like. 

While you are stuck at home you can still spend your time improving your golf game by moving forward with a few exercises and drills that will give you a headstart when life starts coming back to normal. Now could be the perfect time to take a look at your equipment and take a look at how technology can assist your golf game with new products you may not have discovered.

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10 Surprising Golf Facts You Haven't Heard Before

Do you love nothing more than golfing? You’re not the only one! Golf is a sport that’s enjoyed worldwide. It’s most popular in Ireland, but Canada, the UK, and the US come in after.

Golf is enjoyed by many for several reasons. It’s versatile, offers a chance to connect with other players, it’s physically demanding but still relaxing, no round is ever the same, and one can’t deny the beauty of golf courses.

While many seasoned golfers may know about different techniques and other crucial golfing strategies, they may not know the incredible history and some of these other 10 interesting golf facts.

Golf Facts You Should Know

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How to Achieve Your Best Score in Golf

If you want to achieve the best score in golf you have to combine good technique with the right strategy. While it takes time to hone your technique, not everybody has the time for extended practice sessions. Between work, family obligations, and other matters it isn't always possible to spend every week working on your swing. Thankfully, you can still lower your golf scores and play better by utilizing these tips the next time you tee off. Whether you're new to the game or looking for new strategies, these tips will help lower your golf score.

How to Achiever Your Best Score in Your Next Round of Golf

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