• Golf Lessons

Panther Run Golf Club is pleased to offer private and group lessons for families and individuals. Golf instruction offers players of all abilities the chance to refine their game, target weak spots, or simply have fun with the sport they love.


We know each member who comes to Panther Run has their own golfing goals. Our professional and seasoned golf coaches have worked with all kinds of golfers who have all sorts of goals in mind. They know how to tailor their classes so that everyone is able to work toward their own individual targeted areas.

Even our group instruction is flexible enough so that even when everyone is working on the same skill together, each student receives personalized coaching from our friendly, dedicated instructors.


Why private classes? Some of our members prefer private instruction because it allows them a chance to hone in on certain skills or target their known weak areas. Others feel more comfortable with private classes because they’re unsure of their skills and want to elevate their game before hitting the course with other golfers. And some members require focused attention because they’re readying themselves for a competition or a certain golfing event.

Why group classes? Our golf clinics are, first and foremost, lots of fun. The camaraderie that golfers feel after working together on certain skills sometimes lasts well beyond the class and new bonds are formed. Group classes are a great way to meet other golfers who have similar passions for the sport. Our instructors ensure everyone receives individual attention in a supportive environment that puts everyone at ease. That way, everyone is clear to focus on one thing and one thing only: to have fun improving their game.

If you’d like to find out more about golf lessons at Panther Run Golf Club, call our pro shop our main office. We can get you started on the next series of classes or set you up with a private instructor at your convenience.


Panther Run Instructors:

Jim Feipel – PGA, Director of Golf

Herb Smith – Senior PGA Golf Professional & Instructor

James Desanges – PGA Apprentice & Instructor

Johnathan Johnson – PGA Apprentice & Instructor

$60.00 per 1/2 Hour
$90.00 per Hour


Golf Package Lessons are offered.  Rates vary per instructor.  Please contact the golf shop directly for rates.


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