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Ball Selection

Game-Changing Choices: A Golfer's Guide to Ball Selection

More than 41.1 million people participate in the sport of golf in the United States. If you are ready to be a part of this statistic, then you may be asking yourself the question, "What golf ball should I use?"

The multitude of options available on the market can seem overwhelming, but understanding your specific needs and preferences can help you narrow down your choices. We will dive into various factors that should influence your decision when selecting the best golf ball for your game.

What Golf Ball Should I Use? Key Considerations

To achieve your best score in golf, you need to have the proper golf balls by your side. These are the factors you should consider when searching for the best golf ball.

Skill Level

The first factor to consider when selecting a golf ball is how experienced you are. 3.3 million people played on a golf course for the first time in 2022. If you are a part of this statistic, then you may need to search for golf balls for beginners.

For players who are just starting out, it is best to opt for a golf ball with a lower compression rating. These balls are designed to compress easily, which will provide more distance for a slower swing, which is common among beginners. A softer feel can also help you if you are still trying to perfect your golf swing.

For intermediate or advanced players, you might want to transition to a golf ball that offers a combination of distance, spin, and control. More advanced players often enjoy mid-range compression balls as they can cater to a broader range of playing abilities.

Swing Speed

Your golf swing speed is a big contributing factor to the type of ball you should choose. Deciding on a ball that suits your swing speed ensures that you are maximizing the performance potential of your shots.

If you have a slow swing speed, then you will once again want to opt for a low-compression ball. On the other hand, those with faster swing speeds will want to choose a higher compression ball. Higher compression balls provide better control and feel and can cater to the demands of a more powerful swing.


Golf balls come with a wide price range. While premium balls may offer a better performance, they can also be substantially more expensive. Make sure you consider your budget and aim to strike a balance between performance and affordability.

There are plenty of mid-range options that provide excellent value for money. You may also want to consider purchasing cheaper golf balls to use during practice.

Personal Preference

You will also want to take into account your own personal preference when choosing the best golf balls. Golfers often have distinct preferences when it comes to the feel of a golf ball. Many players prefer a softer feel upon impact, while others lean towards a firmer feel.

This is a highly personal choice and can greatly influence your overall comfort and your confidence out on the course. The best way to determine your personal preference is to experiment with different types of golf balls.

When trying out different golf balls, pay attention to how the ball responds to your shots around the green. Some players prefer a ball with more spin to gain better control on approach shots and during delicate shots around the greens.

Type of Ball

In order to choose a good ball, you will need to understand the different types you have to choose from. Here are a few types of golf balls to consider:

  • Two-piece: These balls have a large, solid core and a durable cover and are known for their durability and distance
  • Multi-layer: These golf balls feature a softer core surrounded by additional layers and aim to strike a balance between distance and control
  • Urethane-covered: Urethane-covered balls are favored by advanced players and offer high spin rates as well as superior control
  • Soft: Soft golf balls are well-known for their feel and are favored by players who want precise control, especially around the greens

Alignment Aids

Some golf balls come with alignment aids, such as arrows or lines, to assist with putting and alignment. These markings are especially beneficial for beginners or for golfers who struggle with alignment or putting consistency. Experiment with different alignment features to find one that works well with your putting style.


The color and visibility of your golf ball can impact our ability to track it in different light conditions. While traditional white balls are the most common, manufacturers also offer high-visibility colors like yellow and orange. Choosing a color that stands out against the background of the course can make it easier to locate your ball and potentially save strokes.

Course Conditions

The conditions of the golf course you are playing on, as well as the weather, can significantly impact how your golf balls perform. When playing in colder weather, low-compression balls may offer better results. Whereas in warmer weather, you will want to opt for a high-compression ball.

If you are playing on a soft course, then choosing a ball with a higher spin will provide you with more control.

Willingness to Try New Products

Golfers often develop brand loyalties based on personal experiences or the endorsements of professional players. While brand loyalty is understandable, it is important to be open to trying different brands and models. Golf ball technology is continually evolving, and what works for you may not be limited to just one brand.

Be willing to experiment with various options. This openness can lead to discoveries that will ultimately enhance your overall experience.

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What golf ball should I use? This question is more complicated than it may seem, and all of the above factors can help you answer it.

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