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Best Ways To Improve Your Golf Game While Your Stuck At Home

The spread of COVD-19 has left us all struggling to find the best ways of getting our regular exercise and moving towards a better golf game. The Spring is usually the time most of us start to get ready to create a better golf game for the Summer months and beyond. Our course is still open and you can book tee times, but we know many golfers won’t be able to play as much as they would like. 

While you are stuck at home you can still spend your time improving your golf game by moving forward with a few exercises and drills that will give you a headstart when life starts coming back to normal. Now could be the perfect time to take a look at your equipment and take a look at how technology can assist your golf game with new products you may not have discovered.

Improve your Flexibility

This is one area that most of us do not consider when we are thinking about how to improve our golf game. However, the current global lockdown is the perfect time to get fit and improve your golf game at the same time with the aid of video streaming sites. Whether you invest in a paid streaming service or are looking on free sites, there are millions of yoga and pilates classes available online that you can follow to improve your flexibility.

One of the most difficult aspects of mastering the perfect golf swing is becoming flexible enough to complete it in the correct way. In many of us, the common problem being faced is that of how flexible we need to be to have a great golf swing. Both yoga and pilates are excellent ways of becoming more flexible and achieving a better golf swing.

Strengthen Your Core

One of the things we have all been seeing during the current COVID-19 lockdown are the number of our friends on social media who are getting fit while stuck at home. You may wonder how getting healthy and strengthening your core will help you with your golf swing, but the stronger your core, the better your swing. Take a look at Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods, and you will find golfers who fought their way to the top through their strong work ethic.

Without the power associated with a strong core, you will not be able to achieve the effective transference of weight from your lower body to your upper body. There are several exercises you can explore from the comfort of your own home, including dead bugs and push-ups that need no equipment to complete effectively.

Putting Practice

One of the main problems most of us have at a certain time in our golfing lives is putting. Now is the time to use your home quarantine to work on your putting stroke and body position in your living room, yard, or kitchen. One of the most simple drills you can complete to give you the straight stroke you want with your putting is placing an old cup at one end of the room and a golf ball at the other. Leaving just enough space to move your putter through your stroke, place one book below the ball close to your feet and a second just above as you look down from your stance. As you complete your putting stroke, the aim of this drill is to complete your putting stroke in a straight movement because this gives you a greater chance of success.

Putting is a skill that can be improved in many different ways, including the ability to judge distance correctly. Another drill designed to improve your stroke and skills is that of the penny drill. Place a penny on the ground and balance a golf ball on top of it. The next step is to move back a few steps and place a second ball at your feet, which you putt towards the ball balanced on the penny and get as close as possible without knocking it off.

Play On A Simulator

As the pandemic continues the PGA has been looking to bring back tournaments with the aim of televising play to fans around the world. Most golf TV stations and YouTube are broadcasting classic rounds that will give you a few tips on how the best players in the world go about their work on the course.

Another option is to play a virtual round of golf that can be completed with the help of technology. Golf simulators are available in many different forms from whole room installations to those that use a single screen. By choosing a golf simulator, you will be able to move forward with your game and make sure you are looking to work on aspects of your game that you believe need the most work.

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