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The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Golf Swing


Golf is a great game for those who want to relax on the weekend, people who have a competitive edge, or even those that want to improve business networking.

Whether you are a weekend golfer, an avid competitor, or a busy business person, we have compiled the ultimate guide to getting a perfect golf swing.

Read on for some sure-fire tips to getting your golf swing up to par.

Proper Posture

The first step to a great golf posture is how you set up your body before you swing.

Start with your feet about shoulder-width apart and your knees slightly bent. Then lean forward from the hips until your shoulders are over your toes.

Your spine should be straight and neutral, try not to curve your lower back at all. A good way to ensure your spine is in the proper position is to curve your back (both in and out) and then go back to center with all your vertebrae aligned.

Now that you have a good setup posture, it is important to maintain that posture using a "side bend" technique. To do this method, you should bend at the waist, drawing your shoulder towards your knee (on the same side). Focus on keeping the spine aligned. Do this both on the up and down-swing.

Get a Grip

Another very important factor in getting the perfect golf swing is to have a good grip on your club.

You are aiming for a medium grip. Too light, and you might throw the club. Holding a club too tightly might make you slice the ball.

There are three styles of placing your hands on the club, the interlock grip, the 10 finger grip, and (the most common) the overlap grip.

To get a proper overlap grip, take the pinky finger of your dominant hand and overlap that finger over your index finger of the nondominant hand. Doing this also helps ensure your grip strength is not too tight.

Stomp it Out

Many people have issues with their timing and rotating too soon. This causes you to slice the ball.

A good way to fix that is to use a practice drill called "the stomping drill" made popular by golf instructor Cameron McCormick.

Start with your setup posture and as you begin your backswing, take a small step away from the target with your back foot.

Once you reach the pinnacle of your backswing, take your front foot and step a small bit towards the target.

Make sure you have firmly planted your front foot again before beginning the downstroke.

It may feel odd at first, but this technique will help improve your timing, give your swing more power, and it will make sure you are fully completing the backswing before going into the downstroke.

Practice Makes a Perfect Golf Swing

Much of a perfect golf swing is practicing these tips until they are committed to muscle memory.

Remember, Rome was not built in a day!

Now that you have the tricks you need to achieve the perfect golf swing, it's all about practice, practice, practice.

Then contact us to book a tee time at Panther Run Golf Club in Ave Maria, FL. It's time to tee off!


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