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7 Critical Steps to Developing a Winning Golf Strategy


There are over 15,000 golf courses in the United States, and according to the Denver Post just under 25 million people in the United States that play golf. If you're one of those 20 plus million golfers you've probably tried to improve your game at one point or another.

Maybe you've played for a long time and never had a golf strategy. You just gripped it and ripped it. Perhaps you're tired of losing and or losing money to your buddies and need to devise a plan to beat them? 

If you want to improve your game read on to find out how.

1. Don't Tinker Mid-Round

One of the biggest mistakes amateur golfers make is tinkering with their swing too much during their round. When you mess with your swing mechanics too much in the middle of a round of golf things tend to get worse.

Remember, your objective on the course is to play golf not play "golf swing". tinkering with your swing should be done on the range, not the course.

Hit some balls before you play and make adjustments there. Then, start your round and use the swing you found on the range. Keep it consistent. 

2. Stay Positive

Whether it's before, during, or after a shot you should always proceed with belief in yourself and stay positive. Getting angry over a missed shot or putt won't do you any good.

Sure, it's fine to show some emotion but keep it in check when it comes to negative vibes. Say there's a water hazard in front of you, you shouldn't focus much on the water.

Yes, you have to recognize it's there but you should be more focused on hitting your spot and figuring out the distance, trajectory, and direction you want your ball to travel.

If you think about this instead of the water hazard in front of you you'll be less likely to go swimming. Try this exercise. Think of a nice, juicy cheeseburger. Now close your eyes and don't think of the cheeseburger.

More than likely the thought of the juicy burger popped right into your head. The same works while your golfing. If you're thinking about the bunker, the water hazard, or hitting the ball too fat; then you'll probably do just that.

Simply envision the right shot in your mind, commit to it, and take a swing. With this simple golf hole strategy, you'll find that you can shave a few strokes off your score in no time. 

3. Don't Be a Hero

We know, we know, we all want to be a hero sometimes, but, when it comes to the "big dog" you should occasionally leave the driver in your bag.

Don't let your buddies monster drives detour you either. Take out that 2 or 3-iron and shoot your ball right down the fairway. This strategy works both on tighter holes and when your driver just isn't getting it done that day.

You'll probably end up scoring much better because your ball has a better chance of being in the fairway. And even when you're not playing U.S. Open-style rough, the fairway gives you a distinct advantage over those who don't hit it. 

4. It's Gotta Be the Shoes

One little known golf strategy for beginners is having the correct shoes. If you ask Nick Faldo, he'll tell you that Squairz, a new kind of golf shoe will improve your game and lower your handicap. 

The shoes have shown to increase swing speed, driving distance, and lower your scores. Golf is an extremely hard game, and any advantage you can get, you should take.

You might be shaking your head and saying, "Golf shoes are golf shoes." but, Squairz might be worth a try. 

5. Learn to Lay-Up

This is almost a reiteration from the "Don't Be a Hero" title but it has a different twist. When you're on a Par-5 hole, you should consider laying-up and hitting the green in three shots instead of going for it in two. 

If you're still balking at that idea, think of these two things: One, you're most likely not a professional hitter. Two, you don't normally hit Par-4 greens in one shot do you?

After considering those two thoughts you'll probably feel less trepidatious to hit the Par-5 green in three.

6. The Danger Zone

When you come up to a hole check for danger zones. Take a look at the scorecard and measure out the distances to where hazards lie. Assess where you want to try and place your ball. Know where is the better place to "miss" your shot. 

For instance, is it better to miss right or left? Or, is it better to miss short or long? Think of that as a sort of insurance policy. 

7. Visualize Your Shots

Visualization is a powerful tool. You can do this even before you get on the course. It's a great golf course strategy. This not only works for those shots you need to shape around a tree but also while your're putting

Another great way to utilize visualization is to do it after you play a round. Take the three best shots of the day and replay them in your head. Try to remember your approach, tempo, and see the ball in your mind as it lands.  

Your Golf Strategy

You can use all or some of these tips to solidify your golf strategy. Regardless of how many of these work for you, if you implement even one of them you're game is sure to improve. 

When you're ready to put these great tips into practice, contact us for a tee time.

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