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Why a Golf Course is a Great Corporate Event Venue

NOTE: Course is closed for play during renovations.  The Course will reopen in October/November 2021 with all new grasses and outstanding playing conditions.

So, you're in charge of corporate event planning for your company. These events can be stuffy, boring, and dreaded by employees.

We know you don't want that. When thinking of a corporate event venue for your next event, dare to choose something different. 

Why not have it at a golf course? Whether the event focuses on business or pleasure, they offer plenty of entertainment to keep your employees engaged.

To get you excited for your next big event, we've included more reasons below why a golf course makes a great event venue.

Perfect Team Building Opportunity

Team building is beneficial for companies because it encourages employees to work together, communicate, and build trust. Be sure to include some game time for your employees, because golf is an excellent team building activity.

It's likely your company will have people of varying skill levels - much like everyday life in the office. Learning to work with each other's strengths and weaknesses will develop valuable skills both on and off the green. 

If you have any seasoned golfers on your team, it's possible that less-practiced employees will feel intimidated. Consider using the space for other golf related activities like the driving range or playing more team-oriented games, such as scramble

Traditional Banquet Areas

Another perk to hosting your next event at a golf club is the variety of spaces where your group can enjoy a meal. Golf clubs often have banquet and meeting rooms that can accommodate small to large groups.

If that's too formal for you, golf courses may also feature an on-site restaurant. Because many courses have restaurants, it's easy to have the food and beverages prepared in-house.


If you intend to host an all day or weekend event, most golf courses have more to offer than golf alone. Some courses have spas, pools, tennis courts, restaurants, bars, and fitness centers.

These amenities bring excitement for everyone - including employees who aren't golf enthusiasts. Knowing they'll have temporary access to activities by being a guest for the day makes attending the event more enticing. 

Plenty of Options

With banquet rooms, meeting spaces, restaurants, the course, driving ranges, scenic views, and the main clubhouse-you have options. More options mean you'll have all the tools to plan successful golf course events. 

Whether you're envisioning an outdoor event, a traditional meal, or a mix of things - golf courses are the ideal place to check all the boxes. 

Wide Open and Beautiful Spaces

Golf courses are known for having some of the most beautiful scenery. Even if the course isn't on a dramatic Irish coast, it's bound to have some eye-catching scenery.

Hosting your corporate event at a golf course means you can skip the expensive decorations in favor of a beautiful view. Not only will this cut costs, but an outdoor location will allow plenty of space for guests to mingle.

Impress Your Employees

Golf courses are well-known for their exclusivity. Many courses are only open to members, homeowners living on the golf courses, or their guests. Even if it’s not an exclusive club, chances are most of your employees won’t be members.

By hosting your employees, you’ll be giving them a unique opportunity to take part in a club they otherwise might not have the luxury to enjoy. This will boost buzz leading up to the event and result in greater attendance.

Aside from exclusivity, you’re bound to impress your staff with a new take on corporate events. It’s not every day that company will take business outside of the office and into a more relaxed environment.

A More Relaxed Environment

Formal office environments have a strict code of conduct they expect employees to follow. This makes it harder to let out our more playful side in the workplace to get to know our fellow employees better.

By hosting an event in a non-traditional space, you give your employees the to show off another side. This encourages interactions with employees who don’t often cross paths at work.

More comfortable interactions between employees can boost morale and improve employee satisfaction. This opens doors for more brainstorming and a free flow of ideas between departments.

Creates Opportunities for More Employee Interaction

Golf is a perfect conversation starter. One round can last four to five hours, but the natural flow of conversation differs from your typical cocktail hour or business meeting.

During a round of golf, conversations break down into several brief discussions between holes and shots. Thus, this environment provides business professionals a unique environment to talk.

An activity gives people the chance to take breaks between talking points to think about their reply without awkwardness. This encourages participation from even your more introverted employees.

While golfing, it is easier to make casual conversation because you’re focused on the task at hand. This casual feel is hard to replicate during long meetings in an office.

Help employees break the ice by providing them with common golf terms to use as they play. 

Ace Your Next Event By Choosing a Golf Course as Your Corporate Event Venue

Choosing a corporate event venue doesn't have to be a hassle. You can make it fun and exciting for your employees by going the non-traditional route and hosting it at a golf course. 

Here at Panther Run Golf Club, we have everything you need to build a memorable experience. Reach out to us today for help planning your next corporate event. 

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